I am still surprised at the title I have just now typed above. This movie was not on my radar. I had seen the trailer once as a part of the previews for some other movie but that was it. I had neither any intention nor motivation to go watch this movie. I had written Karan Johar off as an out-of-touch Boomer who didn’t understand how love and relationships have evolved since the 90s ever since his “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”. And boy was I surprised!

I am usually cautiously optimistic any time I pick up a book by an author I have never read before. Many times, an author’s style is just not your thing, even if the author themselves might be competent, even gifted writers, So, I approached Sushma Kasbekar’s Murder At The Club with the same caution. However, having devoured the short 200 page book in a single sitting late on a Saturday night, I feel that my caution was premature and thoroughly unnecessary.

Westland, and now Harper Collins has Amish Tripathi’s Shiva and Rama series. To make matters worse Harper also has Ashvin Sanghi’s books on their catalogue now. These two writers put together possibly outsell majority of the industry combined. Now Penguin does have romance writers like Durjoy Dutta and Ravinder Singh on its catalogue, but they don’t have a marquee fantasy series. So, in order to find their own franchise, Penguin has turned to Akshat Gupta’s Hidden Hindu trilogy.